Sniffer – Rules

The game is about winning as many bottles as possible – the winner should be called The Nose for a week!

Put all the bottles, or the bottles you want to use, on the table. Mix them well, so that nobody knows the number under the bottles. To check the scent look at the number under the bottles and check it with the notebook. There is only one correct answer in this game. However, you can also discuss until you agree on another answer. In that case, the majority should agree on the scent as such. Don’t forget, it’s just a game:))

Roll the dice:

Only the person rolling the dice shall smell the bottle. Someone else shall always select the bottle for the person rolling the dice.

1. Pick one bottle. If you recognize the aroma, you can keep the bottle.

2. Pick two bottles. You win the bottles you recognize.

3. You win a bottle without smelling it.

4. You can take a bottle from any person and keep it.

5. You have to pass your turn.

6. Pick one bottle. If you recognize the smell, you will double your number of bottles. If you don’t recognize the smell, you will lose all your bottles, or the number of bottles that you could win. If there is just one bottle left, you will only lose one bottle, and not all of your bottles. If you don’t have any bottles you have to pass.