Our Vision

Innovation and progression is at the heart of all we do here at Fibonacci Living. We are always striving to improve in all aspects of our business; training, products, experience and more.

Always moving, always changing. That’s how we like it. If you have any ideas for us, please do get in touch.


Everything we do at Fibonacci Living is based firmly on our organic philosophy and respect for the environment.

We have a large range of organic breads, including: John’s Bread, Pan Campesino, Spelt, French Rustique (sourdough and rye) and Oat – which all children seem to love.

We use traditional methods such as soaking and activating seeds and nuts which boosts the nutritional content and makes the bread last longer naturally. Our rye bread is dense and thick, weighing almost a kilo! You’ll only need one slice.

About 3R’s corporate strategy.

We want to tread lightly on this earth and respect our environment. That’s why we try our best to use organic ingredients to create the high quality products and make sure we incorporate the three Rs throughout our business.

  • Reduce: our packaging is based on natural paper and we are reducing our use of ink
  • Reuse: our range of reusable bamboo takeaway cups reduce landfill and we encourage our customers to bring their own
  • Recycle: we implement the All-Product Recycling Initiative in all our stores, and recycle our tea leaves and coffee grounds into handmade soap

We hope for these practices to spread to the wider community here in Mallorca so that we can all make a different to this planet.