The founder of Fibonacci, John, was trained by world champion barista Tim Wendelboe, and now John is training our staff.

In Fibonacci you will find different kinds of coffee. We select our coffee from all over the world. Among our sellection you will find organic coffee, fair traid coffee, green forest alliance coffee and cup of excellence coffee.

A short example of our coffees

Malabar coffee

Origin: Chikmalagur, India.
Plantation: Malabar
Process: Natural, washed and dried in its pulp.
Beans: 100 % Arabica
Roast: Medium

Characteristics: Coffee seeds are exposed to the monsoon rain and winds…that gives it its special taste. We serve it as espresso. It is perfect for our Bialetti coffee machines!

Santa Emilia-Nicaragua

Origin: Nicaragua, near Matagalpa
Plantation: Santa Emilia.
Process: Natural and washed.
Beans: Caturra, 100 % Arabica
Roast: Medium and Dark.

Characteristics: A fruity and masculine coffee with good body and moderate acidity. A coffee with a very interesting character which is definitely worth a try.

Decaffeinated French Roast

Origin: Colombia y Honduras
Plantation: Santos
Process: Natural. Washed & dried in the sun with its pulp.
Beans: 100 % Arabica

Characteristics: A coffee with fruity and elegant acidity connotations of sweet cherries and red apples dominate the flavour. The aftertaste is balanced and sustained, with hints of caramel and nuts that makes the flavour at once sweet and sour.

Pacamara. Nicaragua


Origin: Nicaragua
Plantation: Las Nubes
Process: Natural, washed in sun dired in its pulp.
Beans: Large grained, Pacamara Screen 19-23. 100 % Arabica
Roast: Dark

Characteristics: Flavors of sweet fruit, chocolate and caramel. A wonderful combination of sweetness and acidity that produces a unique taste sensation.

El Molino. Single State from Nicaragua

Origin: Nicaragua, form a village called Matagalpa
Plantation: El Molino, the owners of which are Norwegian.
Process: washed in sun dried in with its pulp.
Beans: 100 % arabica
Roast: Dark

Characteristics: A very sweet coffee, with hits of nuts, balanced.

Herbazú. Costa Rica


Origin: Costa Rica, Valle Central
Plantation: Lourdes de Cirri de Naranjo
Process: Washed and dried
Beans: 100 % Arabica
Roast: Dark

Characteristics: Aromatic and rounded with a nutty flavour and notes of apple in the aftertaste.