In our bakery we are makeing our own organic bread, pastry and rolls.

We try to use few ingredients in our products and we let the dough rest up to 24 hours. We don’t use a lot of machinery because we want to keep the process as much manual as we can. This process is expensive and demands lot of time, but we are very proud of the end product.

Visit our stores and take a look at our bakery and pastry.

Something about our bakery

Our organic breads

Johns Bread, whole grain bread with our seed mix. To make the bread last for some days we have the seeds in water for more than 16 hours.

Pan Campesino, rye bread, the weight is almost 1kg because of the humidity. Just one slide of this bread is more than enough to feel good. This bread last for a week if it is well conserved.

Spelt Bread, 100% spelt, whit more proteins than other flours. If you are gluten intolerant this could be the bread for you.

French Rustique, based on sourdough and 30% rye. Crunchy at the outside and soft at the inside! Perfect with cheese.

Oat bread, soft and nice. Perfect the kids!


Butter croissant, the perfect companion to your coffee.

Chocolate croissant, for those who love chocolate!

Cinnamon roll, croissant dough with cinnamon & sugar

Cookie, Brazilian nuts & chocolate

Muffin, vanilla, chocolate, blueberry & apple

Vegan date chocolate truffle

Something to eat

We use our own baked organic breads!

Wraps & sandwiches: Chicken, roastbeef, salmon, cheese and veggie.

Salads: Cous-Cous, chicken, pasta & salmon, oriental

Borek & Quiche


When you pass by Fibonacci you should try one piece of cake…they are delicious!

  • Chocolate cake
  • Brownie cheesecake
  • Carrot cake
  • Fruit cake