All our mouthwatering breads, cakes and pastries are made fresh at our in-house bakery using artisan methods, mainly by hand, using minimal ingredients. Although this makes the process a little longer, it ensures that the end result is an authentic product we are proud to present to you.

Please drop in and taste the results for yourself! Click here to view our store locations.

Our Organic Bread

We have a large range of bread, including: John’s Bread, Pan Campesino, Spelt, French Rustique (sourdough and rye) and Oat – which all children seem to love.

We use traditional methods such as soaking and activating seeds and nuts which boosts the nutritional content and makes the bread last longer naturally. Our rye bread is dense and thick, weighing almost a kilo! You’ll only need one slice.

Our Quality Pastries

We use only the best ingredients and real butter to ensure our pastries are beautifully flaky. You’ll be spoiled for choice with our large range, including croissants, chocolate croissants, cookies, cinnamon rolls, muffins and more.

We’ve even got some treats for those following vegan and gluten free diets too.

Our Fresh Lunch Items

Our in-house organic bread makes the best sandwiches, wraps and rolls when filled with fresh local produce and our specialty range of olive oil and preserved vegetables.

We’ve also got a selection of salads, borek and quiche available – all freshly made on the premises or from local suppliers.

Our Delicious Cakes

We are famous for our cakes. The site of them in our cabinets attract people to our stores – they can’t resist! Made with fresh ingredients, local where possible, and with traditional methods by hand, they are an absolute treat.

It’s impossible to list all the flavours here; chocolate, carrot, fruit and more. Come and visit one of our stores and taste them for yourself. Our friendly staff will be more than happy to assist you with choosing.